Sunday, September 1, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 27: The Boy Sized Hero

Last but most certainly not least, it's our episode on Howard!
  • Nicole speculates on the press release for the first two episodes, while Roxanne tries not to spoil anything
  • Promo pictures for 7x01
  • Sharing our favorite Howard quotes and moments
  • We try to figure out when our feelings for Howard started to change
  • Is Howard still partially living with his mother? Will be be a better husband this coming season? What the heck does his alien pin mean? Our answers to your questions!
  • Praise for Simon, who deserves an Emmy, and needs to be on Hollywood Game Night
What's scheduled for next week's episode? We don't know yet, though we have some ideas! Keep sharing any suggestions for topics you have!

Download here
Running time: 58:40, 26.9 MB


  1. I had posted some suggestions about future episodes:

    - one episode about the writers
    - one episode about the moms of TBBT
    - one episode about
    And I liked your idea to do one episode about the couples.

    1. PS: I forgot to mention:
      - episode about the gueststars (Leslie Winkle,Wil Wheaton, Kripke, Zack)

  2. You could do a show about the writers maybe? How many there are, who they are, who usually writes for what episodes, what other shows they write for... etc

  3. Hello! Nice podcast as always. :)

    About Howard's room: when he moved out in 6.07, didn't Bernadette tell him in the end to bring his stuff back to his mother's house because "she doesn't want anyone's mom to cry" after he explained why they are so close? That could be why his room was still intact later in the season.

    1. I guess that makes sense, he is permanently living with Bernadette but he decided to leave most of his stuff at his mother's house.

  4. Hi Roxanne, cool podcast :)
    This is out of topic, but i just found the gag reel of season 6; it's hilarious :D. Here is the link: