Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 12: The Love Spell Potential

Another big step for Shamy this week! Like always, we discuss the latest news and the latest episode:
  • Big Bang Theory got it's largest three day lift last week
  • Lorre is writing a musical
  • Listener question - has Penny been too stupid in recent episodes?
  • We demand an Emmy for Simon Helberg!
  • Surprising continuity with Quinto
  • The Shamy was even better than we expected
Download here
Running time: 54:22, 25.0 MB


  1. Very good again thank you. Excited for what will happen in the final and what you will say.

  2. Thanks for the podcasts, I really appreciate it.
    Can't wait for the finale and your comments about it. And I like the idea of you going through all your fav episodes for all seasons during the hiatus, as well as special episodes for each characters.

  3. In keeping with your favorite episodes discussion. What single episode do you re-watch most often, and why do you keep coming back? Is there an episode you refuse to re-watch and if so, why?

  4. Really enjoyed listening to the podcast (first time I've finally done this!) and enjoying your discussion.
    I guess this episode is old news by now, but it's such a great episode that it's fun to hear your fairly immediate reaction to it. :)
    The Shamys were in such raptures over this episode that the finale was almost kind of anticlimactic.
    Anyway, always fun to hear discussion about the episode. :)