Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 9: Season's End Speculation

This week is full of our speculation for the last three episodes of the season! We go through what we know about "The Proton Resurgence," "The Love Spell Potential," and "The Bon Voyage Reaction," and make our predictions for how the season will end.
  • Will Bernadette change her mind about having kids?
  • We reveal our large lack of knowledge about Dungeons and Dragons
  • Sheldon and Amy may be moving forward, but Mayim likes them where they are
  • Our guess for the season finale's big "watershed" moment
  • Will Leonard be leaving the country?
  • Listener question on Sheldon/Penny - why do people ship them?
Articles referenced in this week's episode: Proton Resurgence First Look, TV Guide Fan Favorites,'s Spoiler Room, Ask Ausiello, Mayim Bialik's surprising stance on Sheldon-Amy, Will Leonard leave...on finale?

Download here
Running time: 1:18:45, 36.0 MB


  1. As someone who can't help but read the taping reports on the forum, I am definitely impressed that you are able to refrain from reading spoilers! I think an interesting topic to discuss pertaining to the finale is how Sheldon will live his life without Leonard if Leonard is gone for any period of time. How will Sheldon get to work, to the model train shop, Ikea, etc? A potential Leonard absence could lead to more Shamy interactions as well as Sheldon doing some "growing up."

    1. I used to read them back in season three and early season four, but I quit, had a "Spoiler Addict Anonymous" sponsor, and now it's not that hard...though I almost read for the Valentine's Day episode. Since you're spoiled you're one of the ones I'd mentioned that is either laughing your head off at our idea that H/B take the dog to the paramedics or applauding our brilliance if we're right, haha.

  2. nicole:i am spoiled,but would not laugh
    at you. you are good at the titles what
    the show is about.
    roxanna:thanks for the tips on getting
    tickets for the live tapping of the show.
    hour is ok for me.
    mike-new york

  3. The length of the podcast works for me. I usually listen to it on the plane or driving to work. :)
    It's always fun to hear your speculation on upcoming episodes. Not in a 'point and laugh' way, mind you. Most of the time, I am impressed. ;)
    Note to self: Get a box of tissues for Nicole.