Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 8: A Tale of Two Pilots

Slightly later than usual, but we've got a lot to talk about this week! If you've never seen the unaired pilot for Big Bang Theory, you can check out a clip here - and step into an alternate universe.
  • Press release and photos for The Closure Alternative
  • A listener question on Fun With Flags spins off into how the show's writers could better utilize and tie-in social media #giveustheyoutube
  • Listener question - Does Leonard really love Penny, or love the sex?
  • We answer who our favorite guest star is that has played themselves
  • An in-depth comparison of the unaired pilot with the re-worked pilot that actually aired (no Penny, Raj, or Howard - yet still very familiar in many ways)
Download here
Running time:  1:17:35, 35.6 MB


  1. hi, I watched and find unaird pilot here I think it is still there and works. Yes, I too think that real pilot is much more colourful and lighter. And my question would be some people say and want too see Sheldon and Penny together, but i dont understand why? They have perfect, unique frienship and there never was hint, that they can be something more. Just maybe You girls have some ideas why some fans think and expect something like that.

  2. I was surprised you guys didn't touch more on how crazy it was to see Sheldon be a sexual person in the unaired pilot. I was shocked when I saw it! I think the show would be so drastically different if Sheldon were into girls. Another thing, is I don't think we would have gotten the special relationship he has with Amy now.

    This isn't a negative comment in any way- but I sort of wish you weren't both such big fans of Leonard/Penny so we could get different perspectives on things. Might be fun if you guys disagreed on some things or if one of you were more of a fan of Sheldon/Amy (as I am lol). I don't know how feasible it would be, but it would be awesome if you guys could have "guests" on the show to bring a different view.

    1. I definitely agree that had they not made the modifications to Sheldon, Amy probably wouldn't exist, or would exist in another form, which would be a shame, because she's too good now to be anything else.

      Roxanne and I do actually disagree on some things...but those specific issues haven't been in the episodes we've done podcasts for and haven't been asked about in comments. I feel we've talked a lot about the Shamy and as Raj and Lucy as well as Leonard and Penny, but yes, we are both people who ship Leonard and Penny the most.

      In terms of having guests, that might be feasible at some point, but right now, with our schedules, we often don't know when we're going to record until less than an hour before we do, and it's not at a consistent time or even on a consistent day, so it's kind of hard at this point to involve anyone else.

      Anyone want to ask us a question that you think we might disagree on? Those of you that know us probably could do that fairly easily...or even just ask, as a question, what some of those things are? :)

    2. I'm not saying you only talk about Leonard, just thought it might be fun if there were two opposing favorites. I hope this (and my previous comment) doesn't seem like I'm complaining because I love listening to you ladies.

      I think it would be silly to list out all your differences at once... I look forward to listening for them in future podcasts though =)

  3. Thank you for the wonderful lengthy answers and the comments regarding my question about Leonard's thing for Penny, that was very nice of you girls... never knew it sounded diplomatic lol :)

    And, as per your question, I'm a guy.

    1. Given other ways I've seen that issue with Leonard and Penny addressed, yours was definitely diplomatic in comparison!

  4. Ladies, I heard this podcast on my flight to LA. Well done. I downloaded the unaired pilot many months ago and I haven't watched it yet. Your discussion made me very curious. I had no idea that they had reused so much of the dialogue in later episodes. I thought they had got rid of the whole thing except for the opening scene at the sperm donation place.
    Also, thanks for fixing the audio. I can hear it now on a noisy plane. :)

  5. perhaps you will find the unaired episode on this side....