Friday, March 29, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 6: The Season One Analysis

This week on our Big Bang Theory podcast we talk about our favorite episodes in season one!
  • First, some light speculation on the finale, based on Ausiello's article
  • We each list and discuss our top 5 S1 episodes
  • Is there one main character? Or are storylines equally shared?
  • Character development through the first season
Download here
Running time 1:04:44, 29.7 MB


  1. Interesting to hear your favorite episodes from season 1. I have to say, the S1 episode I laughed the most at was the Loobenfeld Decay, just how Sheldon took every little detail of the lie so seriously. I also really enjoyed the argument Sheldon had with Toby on how the character "Leo" should be played.

  2. This link for the unaired pilot comes from the Big Bang Theory Wiki: This is where I first saw the episode, but when I clicked play just now, it didn't play and there was some message in another language on the screen.

    1. I saw the episode on YouTube, I think, but I believe all uploads have been taken down for copyright reasons. I had it saved on my laptop, but I can't seem to find it now.

  3. Thanks for the podcast! My favorite episode from season one is definitely The Tangerine Factor as well, because of both the Leonard and Penny stuff in the episode, and Sheldon trying to learn Mandarin. I can speak and understand Mandarin, so Sheldon trying to speak it and getting everything wrong was hilarious. The scene where Penny comes up behind him and he jumps up a little and exclaims "Ai ya! Xia si wo le!" is one of my favorite moments in the series, I always crack up at that. Also, I especially love the Leonard and Penny kiss in this episode. :D
    Regarding the unaired pilot, I have seen it, and I prefer the one they used than the unaired one. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.
    Seeing as you are doing favorite episodes from each season, something else that you could talk about is favorite character moments for each of them. Really enjoyed this one, looking forward to the next one! :D

  4. thanks for the podcasts, there class! i love all of the episodes from season one and definatley couldnt pick my top 5 but either the tangerine factors (because of the leonard and penny scenes, there so cute) or the peanut reaction (that episode cracks me up everytime i watch it) are probably my favourite ones. loving these podcast, use really know your stuff!:)

  5. I love your podcasts! I've listened to all your podcasts and it has definitely answered most of my questions already...but what do you guys think of Sheldon's Fun with Flags segments? I find them to be ok..depending on the guests. But they're not my favorite scenes of him. However, I thought the one with him and Penny was hilarious.