Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 5: Questions and Answers

We answer all the questions you guys have left in the comments section! Some highlights:
  • The cast did Rocky Horror for Night at Sardis - and now there's video!
  • Speculations on tenure and episode 6x20
  • Revisiting Shamy and their progressing relationship
  • When we see Leonard and Penny's non-imaginary child joining the show
  • We didn't like Priya, but we like what she did for the show
  • Answering if Leonard was our favorite from the start (spoiler: he wasn't)
Download here
Running time: 45:13, 20.8 MB


  1. Question: Who is the real main character of the show, Leonerd or Sheldon?

  2. I agree with you guys about wanting to see Raj's parents again and to find out how they respond to his relationship with Lucy. We did see them at the end of season 5 when Raj called them during the cricket semi-finals and expressed his desire for an arranged marriage. Still, I would like to see them again, hopefully soon, as Raj's interactions with them are always amusing.

  3. Thank you for ansering the questions.

  4. Hi girls, thanks for prodcast.I would like to ask about Thebigbangbuz project. Do you have more goals for it now? I know you both are busy, i just wanted ask if you are seeing Thebigbangbuzz developing more beside news,bloogs,prodcasts,tweets? ;)

    1. What else did you have in mind? Right now we don't really have any plans other than to keep what we currently have going.

  5. Hi Roxanne! I just found the taping report of the TBBT 6x22 The Proton Resurgence

    Here is the link:

    Enjoy everybody ;)

    1. Thanks for that! I actually totally forgot there was even a taping this week. I'll put up a new post for that now.