Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 3: The Contractual Obligation

Highlights of this week's episode:
  • Ratings keep rising, Kunal to be in a kid's show, and promo pics!
  • Why we don't really want to see additions to the main cast
  • Lots of Raj/Lucy discussion
  • Taking bets on which will happen first - Raj gets over his mutism, or we learn Penny's last name
  • The girls as princesses turns into a nature vs nurture issue
For some reason the audio quality in our recording dropped a little this week, but we hope you still enjoy!

Download here
Running time: 47:55, 22.0 MB


  1. Another great podcast! I have a question for the Q and A segment: You talked a lot about what could happen with Shamy, Penny & Leonnerd, or Raj & Lucy,but what about further progress with Howard & Bernadette after " The Closet Reconfiguration"? Do you see Bernadette becoming pregnant anytime soon?(Especially since she doesn't like kids)

  2. Thanks for answering my question! I'm placing my bets on Raj-Shamy-Penny. With Penny I'm thinking that she and Leonard will get married on the last episode and Leonard will take her last name haha :P

    1. Ha, there's an ending I hadn't really considered before!

  3. Hi Ladies! In answer to your question about recent taping credits, I went to the taping of The Monster Isolation, which featured Kate and Kevin as you may recall. Kevin was listed under the "Starring" header while Kate was listed first under "Guest Stars". The guest starring roles are not listed in alphabetical order. Here's a link to the "credits" page of the program.

  4. Nice podcast, enjoy it very much. Anytime I can listen to my favorite show being disected while I travel to and from work is awesome.

    I am betting on Raj as well. As much as I'd like to have massive Shamy progress, it is delicious torture and I think those writers and producers know that and are going to keep us wanting more with the Shamy for a long while. Penny's name I think we will never know and I'm ok with that. It is a mystery I'd like to keep.

    I hope you do an Q&A show when they are on hiatus please. Or just a general discussion. Thanks so much ladies!

  5. I also think Raj will get over his mutism before we learn Pennys last name. It is an issue of a running gag that is there for growth and one that is there for amusement. Raj has very limited progress to make as someone who is selectively mute, and as you ladies mentioned, he is almost out of it already with only having to thin k he is drunk. Pennys sur name is not revealed to us because the writers think it is funny. She can grow and develop herself and her relationship with Leonard without needing a lst name.

  6. Loving the podcast, guys! I'm finding the episodes quite amusing. I'm definitely thinking it'll go Raj's mutism, Shamy coitus, Penny's last name.

    And might as well contribute a question: Do you think Sheldon's lie to Kripke about his relationship with Amy will resurface in a scenario where Amy finds out about it for good or for ill?