Friday, March 1, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 2: S'up, Bro?

Thanks to those of you who left comments or sent messages after our first episode! Last night we recorded episode number two, and here it is:
  • A few small news items about Jim, including the fact that he never ages
  • Kaley gets caught in the middle of some lawsuit drama
  • What exactly is a "grown up" cocktail party?
  • Why we don't think we'll see any breakups this season
  • Is Penny insecure in her relationship with Leonard?
  • Characters we want to see back - from the obvious to the obscure
Please continue to let us know what you think, and keep submitting any questions or topics you'd like to hear us talk about!

Download here
Running time: 39:21, 18.0 MB


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  2. Hi, I liked yours thoughts and answer :) great job. I would like ask silly question, with what member of the cast (actor) and what character you would like to meet drink coffe if you had chance in real life :)Pick only one. It`s intresting or character and actor would be the same.

  3. Great job on episode two! Love how you guys do this even when we don't have new episodes!

  4. Hello, great podcast and i'm glad I found it. For your Q&A seqment I would like you to speculate on the Shamy relationship. What do you think will happen and what timeline do you see it? Do you ever think Sheldon will "go all the way"? Do you think they might be headed for a breakup, though temporarily, and what might be the catalyst for that?

  5. Good podcast again this week! Would you like to see Lucy eventually become a main character, and do you think any of the secondary characters, like Kripke or Stuart, could ever be added to the main cast? Would that be a good thing for the show?

  6. Brilliant podcast, Keep doing it :).

    If Leonard and Penny got married and had a kid do you think they would move out of their apartments and find a house and would you want them to move out if that happend? Do think the writers would get Penny pregnant before they got married, what do you think would happen?

  7. I just listened to episode #2 of your podcast and really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for answering my question from the comments of last week's episode!

  8. I was wondering what character you think has served as the best catalyst? Such as Priya for Penny realizing she screwed up leaving Leonard, Barry for getting Sheldon to admit that he isn't ruling out sleeping with Amy, Mary Cooper for getting Sheldon and Amy over their fight, or maybe someone else? And how much catalytic potential do you think Lucy has for Raj?

  9. I have a thought on Raj and his potential new girlfriend... Do you guys think they will eventually try to work in a way for Raj to overcome his fear of talking in front of girls? I find it unfeasible that Raj will have to be drunk everytime he sees her.