Monday, July 30, 2012

Season 1 bloopers!

With the release of season 1 of The Big Bang Theory on Blu-ray came new bloopers! And one fan has uploaded them to youtube, which you can watch below:

One of the best parts of attending tapings is seeing the bloopers - have you gotten tickets for this season yet?

And I'm still looking for people who will be going and are willing to write up a summary for the site! You don't need to be going multiple times, you can just share the details of your one episode - email me at if you're interested. Credit will of course be given, and your report will be seen by thousands of people!


  1. Are the bloopers on the DVDs as well as the Blu-rays? (I'm talking about the Blu/DVD combo pack, not the standalone DVD set.) If they are, I'll gladly spring for the combo pack to replace my S1 DVDs, just for the bloopers alone.

    1. My guess is that the DVD discs in the combo pack are the same discs that are in the original DVD release, and it's just the blu-rays that have the bloopers... I'm not sure though.

  2. Thanks for posting these bloopers Roxanne.

    In the UK, Amazon have recently listed a region free Season 1 to 5 Blu-ray box set being released on 3rd September for £52.49 (about $82), which is claimed exclusive to them -

    I cannot believe that such a set will not be released in the US this fall, so if anyone has not yet made the jump to BR they might wait a few months to save a lot of money over buying single seasons.

    This set might not include the same extras as the single series BRs, and I will post here what extras, if any, you get.

  3. Update about S1-5 Blu-ray Box Set, received this morning. Each season BR includes extras, mostly those from the original DVDs, as follows -

    Season 1 – Quantum Mechanics of the Big Bang Theory, plus gag reel (which was not on the original DVD)
    Season 2 - Physicist to the stars, Testing the Infinite Hilarity…, plus gag reel
    Season 3 – Takeout with the cast…, Set Tour… plus gag reel
    Season 4 – The Big Bang Theory Live (as on the season 4 blu-ray), Actor on Actor…, BNL series theme song video, plus gag reel
    Season 5 – The Big Bang Theory at 100 (cast and producers celebrate the 100th episode - 10 mins), The Big Bang Theory’s Laws of Reflection (the cast reflects on their favourite memories of Season 5 - 11 1/2 mins), Professors of Production (a behind-the-scenes look at the various departments that bring the show together each week - 15 mins), plus gag reel (8 1/2 mins). These are the same extras that are on the S5 DVD.

    I have not had a chance to check them all out, but some of the specials in the early seasons look like they are upscaled rather than full HD. The season 5 extras were quite interesting, and it was great to hear the cast talking about their favorite bits of S5. Simon was quite embarrassed having to do his Steven Hawking impression whilst the great man was on the set. Apparently Steven Hawking smiled.

    1. Thanks for the details! I'm especially looking forward to the special on the 100th episodes.

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