Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spoilers for final two episodes of Big Bang Theory!

As many of you may know, since I wasn't allowed to attend the tapings of the last two episodes this season, I decided I'd go spoiler free for them. I've read nothing except for official releases and the little teasers from sites such as E! Online and Ausiello - but I'm sure that many of you are still dying for more!

Lucky for you, someone else from fanforum was at the last two tapings, and has shared some information on the spoiler board - below are links to their posts (thanks to Stephany Daneri Beltrán for sharing the links in the comments).

5x23 - The Launch Acceleration - One, Two, Three
5x24 - The Countdown Reflection - Here

Remember that I haven't read these myself, and I'm not planning to, so all I ask is that you please don't discuss these in the comments on this site. Feel free to join in the discussions on fanforum, of course, but please don't tell me what happens! I'm looking forward to being surprised for a change.


  1. i absolutely love this site. Your amazing!!

  2. Your welcome Roxanne!!!I'm happy to help in any way I can. Maybe you should create a space called "latest news" where we could put everything we found about TBBT. We would become all in "your reporters" :)

    1. More tidbits about TBBT 5x24 "The Countdown Reflection", also from fanforum:

  3. Thanks for posting these, Roxanne! I admit, I am not great at keeping up with Big Bang Theory stuff and I am glad that I can come here and find this info easily. You're in my top 10 bookmarks. :)

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