Monday, April 9, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 152: The Althenaeum Altercation

  • Check out our red carpet interviews from Paleyfest on YouTube!
  • Watch the Paleyfest panel on their facebook page
  • We're finally meeting grown-up George Jr - Jerry O'Connell cast as Sheldon's brother
  • Exclusive audio from Steve Holland at Paleyfest - will Howard ever meet his dad? And are the writers thinking about where the show will end?
  • In our mini-tribute to Stephen Hawking we share our favorite moment of Hawking on Big Bang Theory
  • Don't you normally secure a venue before sending save the dates? Does Shamy really need a venue that big? Can we please see Kripke sing Volare? All part of our episode discussion!
Download here
Running time: 52:13, 38.0 MB

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