Friday, May 4, 2012

"Our BABIES will be smart and beautiful"

I will be making an entry soon with a review of last night's episode (because it was awesome, and deserves to be talked about!), but I have to go to work soon, so in the mean time...

There is a new, officially licensed, Leonard t-shirt. Considering that Leonard is my favorite character, and he rarely gets enough love, I would normally be thrilled. And buy it immediately.

But the quote is wrong.

As Leonard says in the Pilot, "Our babies will be smart and beautiful." And even when Raj brings it up again in season four, he says, "Do 'our babies will be smart and beautiful'. That one always makes me laugh." But the shirt says "children."

Maybe I'm being picky. Maybe I should just be glad there's another Leonard shirt. But I really wish the quote was correct.

So far I only see it for sale on Stylin Online's website - and they do have a link where you can "ask a question about this item," so I've asked if they can fix the quote. It's a long shot, but worth a try!

(Let's be honest, I'll probably end up buying the shirt anyways. But seeing as that's one of my favorite quotes from the series, it will still bug me immensely.)


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