Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 161: The Tam Turbulence

Nicole flies solo this week while Roxanne is out of town!
  • Kripke will be making another appearance soon on Big Bang Theory!
  • Nicole breaks down her thoughts on the episode, including Anu's job, the issues with the Tam storyline, and empathizing with Sheldon
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Running time: 30:00, 22.5 MB

Monday, October 8, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 160: The Procreation Calculation

Two major developments in this week's episode, and we dig deep into both of them!
  • Raj and Anu - yay or nay? Is there enough time to develop Anu's character? Was she being manipulative by proposing?
  • Are Leonard and Penny still on different pages when it comes to kids? Was Leonard truly being genuine in the end? Will this resurface to cause problems between them later on?
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Running time: 52:10, 40.1 MB

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 159: The Wedding Gift Wormhole

Since when is wearing a matching sweater with your dog a bad thing??
  • We touch a bit more on this interview with Steve Holland, including the decision to end the show, and their approach to writing the final season
  • Mayim's article reveals some behind-the-scenes details from this week's episode
  • Was Shamy trying to get revenge in the end? Should the wand reveal have come later? Is Raj still heading towards failure in his arranged marriage? All part of our episode discussion!
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Running time: 33:26. 24.5 MB

Monday, October 1, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 158: The Conjugal Configuration

Our last season premiere. :(
  • Was Amy's anger too abrupt? Was this more evidence of asexual!Sheldon? Plus, our ideas for what could have been added to the twitter war, thoughts on what this season has in store for Leonard and Penny, and more in our episode discussion!
  • We briefly reference this interview with Steve Holland, but we'll get into it further in our next episode
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Running time: 50:03, 32.0 MB

Friday, September 7, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 157: The Beginning of the End

We talk about, yup, that announcement. A lot.
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Running time: 45:10, 32.8 MB

Monday, August 20, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 156: The Geology Methodology

This episode has been brought to you by 5-Hour Energy.
  • Congratulations to Kaley and Karl!
  • Season 12 will premiere on September 24th, with another new episode on September 27th
  • Highlights from last month's Comic-Con panel - which you can now watch on youtube
  • Please stop the Young Sheldon crossovers
  • Did anyone else forget about Ruchi? What is Raj doing wrong? (Spoiler alert: basically everything.) Would people really think it's strange for Sheldon to work with Bert? All part of our episode discussion!
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Running time: 1:05:50, 47.5 MB

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 155: The Proton Regeneration

Vote in our pillow poll on twitter!
  • Congrats to Laurie Metcalf on her Tony win!
  • The missing Althea, baby Hallie's disturbing voice, Wil Wheaton's dogs, Jedi robes, and more are all part of our episode discussion!
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Running time: 47:40, 33.6 MB