Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 142: The Cognition Regeneration

  • We love everything about Zack. (As always.) Is the show ever going to give Penny a new job, or just keep letting her complain once a season? How did Sheldon get that rope attached to the wall? Which is creepier, Bernadette's doll, or Roxanne's? All part of our episode discussion!
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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 141: The Separation Agitation

Happy International Podcast Day!
  • Congrats to Peter Chakos on the Emmy win for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series!
  • Roxanne talks about seeing Jim Parsons interview Michael Ausiello about his new book
  • Which writer really wants a jet ski? Was this episode just a rehash of Emily the First? Which cast member did we run into at Comic-Con? All part of our episode discussion this week!
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Running time: 33:53, 15.6 MB

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 140: The Recollection Dissipation

Thanks to everyone for your continued patience! We continue our season 10 discussion, and get a little confused in the end as we mix up a couple episodes... Enjoy and laugh at us.
  • The new season starts soon, and there's a promo for the first episode!
  • Where does Amy work? Is she Catholic? Are we bad Amy fans? Is there really a county bar on Colorado Blvd? What is Bob Evans? Will we end up on Judge Judy? All this and more in our episode discussion!
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Running time: 42:14, 19.4 MB

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 139: Hard Turtle

The rest of our season 10 discussion will be coming soon, but we recorded a quick episode on Comic-Con and other recent news! If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch the full panel from SDCC on youtube here
  • We talk about our favorite moments from this year's Comic-Con panel (click here to listen to the scene that went "awry," and here for the sing-along with Soft Bunny and Hard Turtle)
  • Steve Holland is stepping up as the new showrunner for TBBT, while Molaro focuses on Young Sheldon
  • Will Big Bang Theory crossover with Young Sheldon? Maybe
  • Lorre says that "one could easily presume" season 12 will be the last. But really, who knows
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Running time: 36:19, 16.9 MB

Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 138: The Collaboration Fluctuation

Still making our way through the end of season 10! If there's anything specific you want us to include in our remaining episode discussions, let us know!

And do you have suggestions for something fun for us to record while we're together at Comic-Con? Give us all your crazy ideas! (And check out our youtube to see what we've done together before!)
  • Shamy comes up with a unique way to work together - was it weird? Or actual relationship goals?
  • Was there too much making fun of Raj's femenine side? Are Penny and Raj too similar to be funny together? Why the lack of resolution in the end?
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Running time: 25:55, 11.9 MB

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 137: The Escape Hatch Identification

Happy 4th! Celebrate by listening to a new podcast episode!
  • There's a five-minute long Young Sheldon trailer - our impressions from the trailer, and other thoughts on the spin-off
  • Couldn't Raj still afford his own place? We looked up apartment costs in Pasadena. Sheldon might be showing character growth, but not really. And our other thoughts on Escape Hatch.
  • Mayim ships Raj and Stuart? (But isn't sure what fanfic is?)
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Running time: 39:43, 18.3 MB

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 136: The Comic-Con Conundrum

Previously on The Big Bang Buzzcast... We talked about Big Bang Theory! Wait, that didn't really need a previously on, did it?
  • Zack is coming back!
  • Living Biblically, a new comedy being executive produced by Johnny Galecki, has been ordered for next season
  • In our episode discussion: We get nitpicky about when Comic-Con tickets go on sale, and Nicole starts to rethink her plans to attend this summer. Did the line about "sad nerds" go too far? Plus some off-topic fun about misheard lyrics!
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Running time: 59:19, 27.2 MB