Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 178: The Laureate Accumulation

  • Kripke is returning "one wast time!" (Which has since turned into TWO last times!)
  • Big Bang has officially broken the record for the Longest Running Multi-Camera Sitcom
  • Has there been too much focus on the Nobel story line? Was it kind of pointless this week? Can we please buy copies of The Frightened Little Astronaut? (Bonus - check out this fanart!)
  • Plus a bit of speculation from us regarding episode 19, and how we thought the pressure on Amy might play out
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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 177: WonderCon - Inside the Writers Room

Last Saturday at WonderCon was the last ever Big Bang Theory panel. :( The writers joined together once more for an Inside the Writers' Room discussion, which was moderated by Wil Wheaton!

This podcast episode is audio from the full panel, where they talked about the day the found out the show was ending, Shatner and other guest stars, flash mobs, the legacy of the show, and much more! Enjoy!

Download here
Running time: 1:01:31, 65.4 MB

Monday, April 1, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 176: The Conference Valuation

  • The series finale will air on May 16!
  • Johnny and Kaley were on the TV Guide cover - read an excerpt from the article here
  • The writers were at WonderCon, and you can see livetweets from the panel on our twitter
  • We try to guess each other's fantasy celebrity game night, and read answers we got from listeners
  • Why was the previously on so long? Was Beverly being sincere with Leonard? Does Amy really need to trick Sheldon into wanting kids? This plus more in the episode discussion!
  • Experimenting with Babies is a REAL book, and the author did an AMA on Reddit
Download here
Running time: 1:19:18, 59.2 MB

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 175: The D&D Vortex

  • Mayim talked about the stages of grief and the series ending
  • Young Sheldon has been renewed for two more seasons - and we have a lot of opinions for two people who don't watch the show
  • A behind-the-scenes picture reveals future guest stars
  • Do either of us actually understand Super Asymmetry at all? How familiar were we with the guest stars? And a question for you - who would be at your fantasy game night? This plus more in our episode discussion!
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Running time: 1:17:35, 59.9 MB

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 174: The Donation Oscillation

One of our longest episodes ever, packed with news and excitement!
  • Stage 25 at WB Studios has been dedicated to The Big Bang Theory!
  • William Shatner is finally guest starring! Plus - Kevin Smith, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joe Manganiello, and another visit from Wil Wheaton
  • Speaking of Wil - he wrote a blog post looking back at his experience on Big Bang 
  • Big Bang will end with a 2-part series finale
  • Last week the cast and crew surprised everyone with their third and final flash mob!
  • The two of us were lucky enough to be at the taping with the flash mob - and meet Johnny afterwards! -  and we talk about our experience that night
  • Is Sheldon acting out-of-character trying to get Zack's attention? Did the writers address our concerns with the donation storyline? What does it really mean to leave part of yourself behind? And why was that cereal scene so long? All part of our episode discussion!
  • And finally - Funko is releasing a new line of Big Bang Theory Pops! We talk about our favorites and which characters we think could have been done better
Download here
Running time: 1:44:09, 79.5 MB

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 173: The Meteorite Manifestation

There's only 10 episodes left, and we're not ready.
  • The full cast was on Ellen! Watch interview clips here and here, and then the game they played here!
  • We talk about the press release for the next episode, and the balancing (or lack thereof?) of story lines this season
  • Our episode discussion includes loving on Stuart and Denise, our pitch for the series finale, permit questions, and more!
  • We answer a listener question - who do we think will have the last line in the finale? And a listener comment sparks a comparison between the donation story line and the HIMYM finale.
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Running time: 1:13:14, 54.3 MB

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 172: The Confirmation Polarization

Go Karen!
  • The whole cast will be on Ellen on 1/31!
  • Our episode discussion includes the complications of working with/for a friend, trying to make sense of the passage of time in recent episodes, and lots of Nobel Prize discussion. (Is the ideal ending to the series one where they don't win?)
Download here
Running time: 57:11, 36.4 MB