Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 186: The Change Constant & The Stockholm Syndrome

Twelve years, and we've reached the end. (But not of the podcast, surprise!) Here's all our thoughts on the pretty much perfect finale.
  • We're giving away two Entertainment Weekly Big Bang Theory magazines - check Twitter for more details!
  • In our discussion of the two part finale... A previously on that we actually liked! When in the year was this supposed to take place? (Time jump?) THE ELEVATOR. What we think of Amy's makeover, Penny (again) changing her mind, and much more!
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Running time: 2:03:51, 95.2 MB

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 185: The Maternal Conclusion

Beverly = Snape. Yup.
  • Were Raj and Anu even on the same page regarding a family? What was Beverly's relationship like with her other kids? Will she ever change? Was there too much going on in this episode? Listen for all our answers, and more!
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Running time: 1:09:38, 52.2 MB

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 184: The Plagiarism Schism

Alternate podcast title: The Last Cheesecake Factory Waitress
  • Was that REALLY the worst thing that Bernadette's done? Did Howard regress in this episode? Another cut scene? And where do we stand on the ethic's of Shamy's dilemma? This plus more in our episode discussion!
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Running time: 50:16, 37.2 MB

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 183: The Decision Reverberation

The one where Leonard continues to rebel.
  • We'll be seeing young versions of the whole gang in the Young Sheldon season finale
  • Why didn't they buy their Avengers tickets ages ago? How much did we enjoy the resurgence of Take Charge Leonard? (Hint: A lot.) Was Sheldon genuine in his concern for Leonard? Was there a cut scene with Anu? This plus more in our episode discussion!
  • Bonus - check out this interesting read on The Fermi Paradox and aliens!
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Running time: 50:48, 39.3 MB

Monday, May 13, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 182: The Inspiration Deprivation

The sets are being taken down, and we're getting closer to the end...
  • Our first recording following the taping of the series finale :(
  • Bri Cuoco put up a new video of the latest flashmob on Instagram
  • Lorre confirmed that there won't be a second spin-off
  • Rati Gupta is crowdfunding to raise money for a new series she's helping to create - Heart Baby Eggplant
  • What's actually the difference between a scooter and a moped? Was Bernadette being too harsh? How valid were Amy's concerns about letting girls and women down? This plus more in our episode discussion!
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Running time: 1:10:11, 53.2 MB

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 181: The Matrimonial Metric

  • We talk about how the Maid of Honor situation could have evenly worked out instead, our favorite of the tests, the missing moment we wish we could have seen, and more!
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Running time: 25:28, 15.9 MB

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 180: The Confidence Erosion

Want to know how Star Wars and racetracks can mix? Take a listen!
  • Were we Team Raj or Team Howard? Also, we talk about relationship dynamics and balance, Leonard and Penny's different reactions to the fight, and Nicole does some (hypothetical) wedding planning!
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Running time: 26:44, 16.6 MB