Monday, August 20, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 156: The Geology Methodology

This episode has been brought to you by 5-Hour Energy.
  • Congratulations to Kaley and Karl!
  • Season 12 will premiere on September 24th, with another new episode on September 27th
  • Highlights from last month's Comic-Con panel - which you can now watch on youtube
  • Please stop the Young Sheldon crossovers
  • Did anyone else forget about Ruchi? What is Raj doing wrong? (Spoiler alert: basically everything.) Would people really think it's strange for Sheldon to work with Bert? All part of our episode discussion!
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Running time: 1:05:50, 47.5 MB

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 155: The Proton Regeneration

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  • Congrats to Laurie Metcalf on her Tony win!
  • The missing Althea, baby Hallie's disturbing voice, Wil Wheaton's dogs, Jedi robes, and more are all part of our episode discussion!
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Running time: 47:40, 33.6 MB

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 154: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Shamy is MARRIED!
  • Referencing this article that was released before the finale, we talk about recasting characters, and Young Sheldon's influence on Big Bang Theory
  • What do we think of Stuart and Denise? Where were Amy's glasses? Is a Nobel Prize on the horizon? (Here's a quick look at the real-life science.) Those vows! Mark Hamill! All part of our episode discussion!
  • The tribute to Stephen Hawking that didn't make the final cut
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Run time: 44:28, 31.9 MB

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 153: The Sibling Realignment

Alternate title - Big Bang Buzzcast: Return of the Pants
  • Holland is approaching season 12 as the last, says they're "not leaving anything on the table"
  • Was the drama this week too contrived? Is Young Sheldon influencing Big Bang Theory too much? Was the pinkeye plot filler or fun? All part of the episode discussion!
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Running time: 34:06, 24.2 MB

Monday, April 9, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 152: The Althenaeum Altercation

  • Check out our red carpet interviews from Paleyfest on YouTube!
  • Watch the Paleyfest panel on their facebook page
  • We're finally meeting grown-up George Jr - Jerry O'Connell cast as Sheldon's brother
  • Exclusive audio from Steve Holland at Paleyfest - will Howard ever meet his dad? And are the writers thinking about where the show will end?
  • In our mini-tribute to Stephen Hawking we share our favorite moment of Hawking on Big Bang Theory
  • Don't you normally secure a venue before sending save the dates? Does Shamy really need a venue that big? Can we please see Kripke sing Volare? All part of our episode discussion!
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Running time: 52:13, 38.0 MB

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 151: The Neonatal Nomenclature

  • Paleyfest is in one week, and Roxanne will be covering the red carpet! Send us your questions for her to ask!
  • A huge thank you to the Big Bang Theory writers for their kindness and generosity! (Pictures from the set to come!)
  • Is there a limit on possible sitcom storylines? Which one of us has actually played The Campaign for North Africa? What are our thoughts on the baby name? Will we ever see a Leonard/Penny baby? All part of our episode discussion!
Download here
Running time: 1:02:08, 45.9 MB

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 150: Behind the Scenes

Decided to do something different to celebrate hitting 150 episodes! (Go Karen!)
  • Bill Gates will be guest starring on an episode soon
  • We will probably be seeing Shamy's wedding this season, per Steve Holland
  • We each list and talk about our top 5 favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the show. Bloopers, set antics, and more!
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Running time: 42:00, 30.7 MB