Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 166: The Citation Negation

Can we get more of Denise? Please?
  • Young Sheldon is once again invading Big Bang Theory - and this article basically sums up our opinions
  • How little do we know about Fortnite? How old are millennials? What's up with the citations? Stuart or Howard? Our answers to these questions and more in the episode discussion!
Download here
Running time: 54:03, 38.7 MB

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 165: The Consummation Deviation

How are we a third of the way through the season already??
  • Kaley's instagram post shows how real her eating is on the show
  • This week's episode discussion includes us loving how Turnip loved Howard's magic, our continued concerns about Anu (but also how there's still potential!), the return of Raj's mutism, and more!
Download here
Running time: 49:00,  36.4 MB

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 164: The Grant Allocation Derivation

It's Roxanne's turn to bring you a solo episode this week!
  • Has the cast gotten better at fake eating? (Either way, I was amused by these gifs!)
  • Playhouses, the weird crow lady, El Pollo Loco, a thoughtful Howard, and more are all part of the episode discussion!
Download here
Running time:  25:20, 22.2 MB

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 163: The Imitation Perturbation

Happy Halloween!
  • When exactly were all these other Halloween parties that Penny threw? Is Anu growing on us? Was one side more malicious than the other when it came to the imitations? How much can we gush about Leonard and Penny? Listen to find out!
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Running time: 51:49, 37.4 MB

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 162: The Planetarium Collision

This turned into one of those episode. Cause that's how we roll in the Shire.
  • We're excited for one last Halloween episode! Is it believable that Penny forgot her and Leonard's first kiss?
  • In our episode discussion we explain why neither of the plot lines grabbed us this week, yet we still greatly enjoyed the episode. Russian Bernadette? Leonard/Penny cuteness? Raj's desk? We love it all!
Download here
Running time: 40:00, 29.2 MB

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 161: The Tam Turbulence

Nicole flies solo this week while Roxanne is out of town!
  • Kripke will be making another appearance soon on Big Bang Theory!
  • Nicole breaks down her thoughts on the episode, including Anu's job, the issues with the Tam storyline, and empathizing with Sheldon
Download here
Running time: 30:00, 22.5 MB

Monday, October 8, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 160: The Procreation Calculation

Two major developments in this week's episode, and we dig deep into both of them!
  • Raj and Anu - yay or nay? Is there enough time to develop Anu's character? Was she being manipulative by proposing?
  • Are Leonard and Penny still on different pages when it comes to kids? Was Leonard truly being genuine in the end? Will this resurface to cause problems between them later on?
Download here
Running time: 52:10, 40.1 MB