Thursday, October 23, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 76: The Expedition Approximation

Big Bang Theoy ended their run on Mondays with a solid episode - remember they're back to Thursdays starting next week!
  • Writer Eric Kaplan has a book out - "Does Santa Exist?"
  • Kaley will receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next week
  • We speculate about the next two episodes airing out of order
  • Our thoughts on The Expedition Approximation - including Sheldon being vulnerable, Bernadette as Howard's mom, and the promo picture that's apparently loved very much.
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Running time: 45:18, 20.8 MB

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 75: Hook-Up Reverberation & Focus Attenuation

Sorry about the unexpected week off, but we're back to look at both new episodes since our last podcast!
  • Promo pictures for The Expedition Approximation (8x06)
  • Howard's second cousin (yes, that cousin) Jeanie is showing up
  • Possible title for 8x07 - The Prom Equivalency?
  • In our episode discussions we go through why we thought last week's was subpar, why we thought this week's was amazing, and we utterly fail at remembering when Emily met Sheldon.
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Running time: 49:33, 22.8 MB

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 74: The First Pitch Insufficiency

Viva la Pluto! (It'll make sense later.)
  • Promo pictures for The Hookup Reverberation (8x04)
  • Extra episodes will be airing on Monday nights for a couple weeks
  • Simon's movie "We'll Never Have Paris" now has a release date of January 2nd
  • Melissa and her husband sold a new TV comedy, "If We're Not Married by 30," to CBS
  • Kevin Sussman also sold a comedy titled "Wife of Crime" to CBS
  • We talk about The First Pitch Insuffiency - including Shamy's continued growth, Leonard's perfect mini-speech, why Bernadette was the episode's MVP, and Nicole's detailed opinions on the number 9
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Running time: 51:46, 23.8 MB

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 73: Locomotion Interruption & Junior Professor Solution

The summer hiatus is finally over!
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 72: #GiveUpSheldonForLent

More details to discuss about the start of season 8!
  • A TVLine article reveals how much time has passed, and gives us a lot more to chew on, from and angry Amy to exploring Emily (Nicole's serial killer theory stands)
  • Ausiello touches on Shamy remaining "on the same trajectory"
  • 8x03 is reportedly titled "The First Pitch Insufficiency" - a baseball game?
  • The cast on Instagram give us more teasers and location hints
  • Lorre talks about Penny's new job and changes that will follow
We actually forgot to talk about this in the episode - but there are promo pictures out for 8x01 now! We'll be sure to discuss them next week.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 71: It's All Relevant Because We Say So

Another weekly news roundup!
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 70: Emmy Excitement

Be sure to tune in to the Emmys Monday at 5PT/8ET to see if Big Bang Theory takes home any more awards!
  • Big Bang won Choice Comedy at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Mayim is co-hosting the Candid Camera reboot
  • Melissa's new movie, "Are You Here," is now in theaters
  • Jim, Mayim, and Kaley have all completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - and we nominate all of our listeners to donate if you are able to!
  • 8x01 is titled "The Locomotive Interruption," and 8x02 is possibly "The Junior Professor..." something. We do a bit of speculating on the start of the season
  • In an EW interview, Jim talks about the contract negotiations and his Emmy nominations
  • At the Creative Arts Emmys, Big Bang won for Multi Picture Editing for a Comedy Series (we forgot to mention this in the podcast!)
  • We take a look at GoldDerby's Emmy predictions for comedy series, comedy actor, and supporting comedy actress
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Running time: 36:18, 16.7 MB