Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 125: The Fetal Kick Catalyst

  • A spin-off centered around Sheldon? We'd rather see Serial Ape-ist
  • Christopher Lloyd is set to guest star!
  • Our initial thoughts on "The Property Division Collision" based on the title
  • Big Bang Theory, Jim, and Kaley are all nominated for People's Choice Awards!
  • Three story lines this week means plenty to discuss! From baby cribs to boundaries when meeting celebrities, we cover it all.
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Running time: 1:02:39, 28.8 MB

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 124: The Hot Tub Contamination

  • Kripke's back!
  • Press release and photos for The Veracity Elasticity
  • Why the sudden singleness for Raj? Do Sheldon's fears of turning out like his parents make sense? Are the jokes about Penny settling for Leonard too much? And how awesome were Howard and Bernadette? All topics discussed in this week's episode!
  • Comparing Big Bang Theory to an old dog. (It makes sense, I promise.)
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Running time: 45:40, 21.5 MB

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 123: The Cohabitation Experimentation

Fair warning, we got a little loopy during this episode...
  • Our thoughts on the press release and pictures for The Fetal Kick Catalyst (10x06)
  • Discussing The Cohabitation Experimentation - Cinnamon is alive! (But is she really?) We finally are seeing some changes with living arrangements, and Leonard and Penny continue to be marriage goals.
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Running time: 48:42,  22.4MB

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 122: The Dependence Transcendence

  • No news this time, just discussion of The Dependence Transcendence! All our thoughts on Sheldon's breakdown, seeing Bert again, Bernadette's feelings on her pregnancy, and more!
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Running time: 38:15, 17.6 MB

Monday, October 10, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast 121: The Military Miniaturization

Who else was ready to burst at "Death Star from Star Trek"?
  • Are Emily and Claire still in the picture? Molaro says yes
  • We go over the press releases for episodes 10x04 and 10x05 (and somehow get off on a Zack tangent)
  • William Shatner turned down an invite to guest on Big Bang - but isn't ruling it out completely
  • Now in its second year, Big Bang Theory has awarded five more scholarships
  • Our thoughts on The Military Miniaturization, and we pitch an idea for a Big Bang cookbook
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Running time: 47:08, 21.7 MB

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 120: The Conjugal Conjecture

It's season ten you guys. That's insane. And they gave us a fantastic episode to start off the season!
  • We marvel a bit more about how crazy it is we're at season 10
  • The premiere topped the ratings for Monday night
  • Will Shamy be living together soon?
  • Mayim is writing a new book - Girling Up!
  • All of our thoughts on meeting Penny's family, the wedding, and everything else!
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Running time 1:07:15, 30.9 MB

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 119: The Line Substitution Solution

We're back! Sorry that the summer pretty much turned into an unplanned hiatus, but scheduling conflicts prevented us from getting this out sooner. But we're excited to be back and ready for the new season next month!
  • We're very excited about the casting news for Penny's family!
  • We go over a few highlights from the writers' panel at Comic-Con
  • Wouldn't Penny have watched Bill Nye's show as a kid? Why is Beverly upset about missing the wedding when she wasn't earlier in the season? Is Raj's chair really that bad? Plus a segment of Nicole's History Corner! All this and more in our episode discussion!
(Unfortunately there's some extra background noise for the first 11 minutes of the podcast, but it clears up after that - sorry!)
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Running time 1:02:17, 28.8 MB