Monday, May 22, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 250: The Einstein Approximation

 250 episodes and still going strong!

  • Nicole reveals her poll results regarding where we'd each live if we had to move (from our Bozeman Reaction Discussion)
  • This week's discussion includes looking up the superior colliculus, Raj being left out, Bernadette and the daycare center, the ball pit scene and it's return in the tag, and more!

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Running time: 1:25:13, 51.3 MB

Monday, May 8, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 249: The Bozeman Reaction

Mobster sauce.

  • Would it have been easier - and more lucrative - to just steal the comics? How would we react if we were Sheldon? Is that electric net even legal? Plus we talk about the difference in crime in our home states, where we'd move if we had to, and more!

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Running time: 1:20:56, 48.7 MB

Monday, April 24, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 248: The Psychic Vortex

Lots to talk about this week!
  • Another Big Bang Theory spinoff is on the way! We talk about our thoughts on this announcement, which also leads to talking about streaming services, spinoffs, and extended universes in general.
  • Our episode discussion includes our own thoughts on psychics, Flatland, how Leonard could have handled things better, compromising in relationships, and more!
Download here
Running time: 1:41:31, 61 MB

Monday, April 10, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 247: The Maternal Congruence

Bringing you a bit of Christmas in April!

  • Congratulations to Kaley on the birth of her daughter, Matilda!
  • 5 questions with Melissa Rauch from a magazine
  • This week's episode leads to discussions about the Grinch, Christmas and consumerism, Leonard's relationship with his mother, why we don't find this episode as amusing as we originally did, and more!
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Running time: 1:33:45, 56.4 MB

Monday, March 13, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 246: The Gorilla Experiment

  • This week's episode discussion includes thoughts on the current Bernadette, Sheldon being a terrible teacher, Howard being lucky Bernadette stuck with him, and more!

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Running time: 1:08:50, 41.4 MB

Monday, February 13, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 245: The Vengeance Formulation

  • Night Court has been renewed already for a second season!
  • Is there a three date rule? What did Bernadette really want from Howard? Would we have laughed at Sheldon? What did we think of Howard's song? This and more in our episode discussion!

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Running time: 1:20:45, 48.6 MB

Monday, January 30, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 244: The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

 Be kind to your rabbit subjects.

  • Melissa's new show, Night Court, has premiered, and Roxanne gives her initial thoughts
  • Was Sheldon driving really Penny's best option? Did the writers make Penny too helpless? We take a more critical look than most at this storyline, and talk about our favorite moments with the guys in the desert.

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Running time: 1:15:51, 45.6 MB